• grid tie for profit

    Grid tie power inverter installWith grid tie power inverters, you can become a residential scale power producer and send power back to the utility grid using a grid tie power inverter! Small-scale solar or wind power production is a common occurrence in homes, businesses and utility districts across the United States and the world! In the past, independent power production (IPP) was expensive enough that it only made economic sense for people who lived miles away from the nearest utility pole. But, today with the present technology of high quality silicon cells, mass-produced solar panels (photovoltaic panels) and high efficiency grid tie power inverters, becoming your own power producer is realistic and can add value to your livelihood!

    Renewable energy systems and the green energy conservation is a challenge that we all need to undertake for a more sustainable existence. Electricity generation contributes more pollutants to our environment than any other industry. But, by diversifying our energy supply now, we will help to maintain our healthy and energy dependent lifestyles. Green energy resources increase energy self-sufficiency, and thus economic security, by reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports. Net metering legislation has currently passed in many US states.

    This legislation requires your utility company to provide the ability to “net meter” your renewable energy systems and send renewable energy generated power to the grid. Widespread use of net metering practices will:

    • Improve our quality of life and the air we breathe by reducing fossil fuel dependency.
    • Provide customers clear information about electricity options to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions.
    • Expand the market for power from cleaner non-renewable generation.
    • Build consumer confidence in retail electricity products containing renewable energy.

    Photovoltaic or solar power, micro-hydropower and wind generators are clean and renewable sources of electrical power generation that could be coupled with your home or business electrical system for your very own power production. Grid tie power inverters are key for this process.

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